Today’s video of the day comes from Sydney’s Good Pash. ‘Delete Me’ is out today and it’s everything that we love about indierock – driving drums, passionate guitars, lush vocals, and an empowering message with a great story behind it.

“This song is for everyone who has ever had to tear themselves away from something they loved – a job, a friend, a relationship, a drug dependency – that just wasn’t working out for them anymore. You fight your mates, your parents, and yourself over it but deep down know that it’s no good and have to find the courage to say “I love you, I’m leaving” and let it go.” – Good Pash

This is the second stop motion animation video we’ve shared this week and this is a trend we’re keen to encourage. Get busy with the plasticine, punx! (FYI sources indicate that videos featuring a) stop motion animation and/or b) cats are 87% more likely to be featured as LOUD WOMEN Video of the Day, stats fans.)

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