The soundtrack to our Friday comes from Copenhagen based queer feminist pop-punk band Girlcrush: ‘I’m Easy’ is out today and we are totally here for this sex-positive horn ballad! They tell us:

“We hope the song makes people horny! We think it is a very sexy and smooth song that gives the listener insight on how lust can be experienced from a queer and feminine perspective. Most of the songs regarding sex are written by men and describe sexual lust from a male perspective. They tend to be quite objectifying and revolve around how hot and fuckable fuckable a specific woman is. If you take a look at how WAP (Cardi B) has been received it’s still too controversial for women (and people with other gender identifications than male) to sing about sex. “I’m Easy” puts an end to the idea about it being shameful for non-males to want to have sex and express themselves openly about it. We believe that women and queers should be able to dress how they want and have sex with as many as they want without being slut shamed.”

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