Today’s video of the day comes from London’s Anna B Savage: ‘A Common Tern’ is out today. Bluesy vocals over atmospheric guitar and drums, building to a crashing rock crescendo – lush.

“A Common Tern” is about Savage escaping toxicity, initially by getting away from a toxic relationship with her partner at the time and then the toxic relationship she had built with herself. The moment Savage decided she needed to change coincided with the sighting of the titular common tern. Savage saw the freedom the bird offered and became fascinated with them:

They’re actual dinosaurs and we just think they’re normal. The huge journeys they do, their ever presence, in one way or another. They are at once familiar and yet so strange and weird: they can fly ffs. I love watching them too, counting them on walks and in gardens. I’d become a bit of a twitcher: I was going on birdwatching holidays and listening to Tweet of the Day all the time, and I did some bird ringing. Turns out they’ve always held something of a fascination for me: I found an old school notebook from when I was nine and I’d written a poem about an albatross. I do remember being a bit (completely) taken by albatrosses after reading The Rhyme of the Ancient Mariner at school.”

The single is taken from forthcoming album of the same name, slated for 29 Jan 2021 from City Slang Records.

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