A hot newie from the awesome Madame So today: ‘Who Are We To Judge?’ is, as you might guess, a message to the Judgey McJudgefaces amongst us who sneer at the actions of the youth. No judgey pants here, except to judge Madame So’s voice to be absolutely beautiful – could listen to this all day. Madame So (aka Solange) told us:

“‘Who Are We To Judge?’, which was recorded pre-lockdown, could be the brighter B-side to Generation Y, or an ode of support to Generation Z.  It is a song about how young hedonism should not be frowned upon by older generations as they themselves were young and carefree at some point in their life. 

On a broader scale, ‘Who Are We To Judge?’ is about letting go of judgmentalism/disdain towards anything different from oneself. 

I wrote this song because we are all guilty of placing judgement on anything that doesn’t align with our own set of values or comfort zone. WAWTJ is a call to open-mindedness, compassion and understanding from an intergenerational perspective. 

I am quite proud of WAWTJ not only for its message but also because, with its shoegaze undertones, musically and sonically, it is a slight departure from the sound people may have expected a Madame So track. 

The single is accompanied by a lyric video centred around an illustration of Madame So by Brazilian artist, Jesso Alves.

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