Today’s video of the day comes from Melbourne’s KIT. King Size Bed is an instantly catchy indie pop break-up song with a video that reminds us how important our mates are. The video was made by accident during a Zoom party. KIT (aka Katie Wighton) explains:

 “I happened to press record when I played ‘KSB’ and my friends did the restThey didn’t know they were being filmed – they just unleashed their pent up joy into my heart and the camera… The clip didn’t go the way we’d planned it at all but in a way, I’m glad. It was such a magical experience to share with my pals on the day ‘KSB’ came out. And now the accompanying clip captures that wonderful moment. With nights like that to pepper my memories of ISO I have a feeling that eventually it won’t seem all that bad after all.” 

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