Today’s video of the day is a beautiful stop motion animation from a band fast becoming firm favourites, Oakland glitter punx Le Fomo. Out today via AnalogueTrash, ‘Tiny Anchor’ is a ridiculously catchy millennial love anthem. Ess Nelson (vocals, lyrics, synths, bass, beats, arrangement) says of the song:

Tiny Anchor is a song about navigating intimacy. It can be hard to see that someone loves/likes you when your traumatic/fear-based thinking patterns get in the way. An interaction can easily feel like rejection when we’re on high alert. It‘ll send us off spinning. I like to ‘throw a tiny anchor’ to slow things down, to take some emotional space to understand what’s happening without tanking the whole ship, and course correcting if needed.

I can also really get pulled under by my patterns, and that’s when I call upon resources to help me find me way out — such as a love enveloping Sea Dragon Goddexx to surround me and lift the veil. Or— in some cases— to affirm that my fear is there for a good reason and I should listen to it. It can be hard to know what’s going on. This song is part of my process of figuring it all out.”

The stunning video was created by Dani Aloi at Crystal Swamp Studios.

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