LOUD WOMEN’s Cassie Fox caught up with BBR’s awesome frontwoman Stars (Anastasia Walker) on Zoom – here’s a transcript of the video if you’d rather read!

Stars: It’s actually called ‘LOUD WOMEN Fest’? That’s the best festival name I’ve ever heard in my life. And I’m buzzing! I’m buzzing for it! There just isn’t enough females on festival line-ups. There isn’t enough variation. And whether that’s down to not enough women being seen or inspired, either way there needs to be more of it, and it’s a pleasure to be part of something that is going towards the cause of getting women playing guitars and getting seen on stages. It’s like a massive inspiration hotpot. The amount of women I’ve spoken to who might be an amazing bedroom bass player or something like that, but have never gone on to play in a band. A lot of the reason is because, well, you don’t really go anywhere do you? You don’t really get on any line-ups. And I think this is another brilliant way of inspiring – oh no, actually you can! But we’ve got to fight together to get on those line-ups and to get seen. You want to be able to see yourself, in the future, being able to do that. And if there’s not enough representation on current, everyday line-ups, then how are we supposed to inspire the next generation of women to pick up drum sticks, microphones, write songs, etcetera.

Cassie: I think we’ve got a great opportunity now, with lockdown as well this year. Like, nothing happening. It’s almost like the slate’s been completed wiped clean. Maybe all the festivals could look at their line-ups next year and think ‘OK, well maybe we won’t just book Oasis or whatever to play everything!

Stars: When it comes to massive acts, it’s like – they were free this year, but then they might not be available next year. That’s also a great reason for festivals, and event organisers and promotion companies to be like ‘right OK, let’s look at the up-and-coming female acts’. It’s like we’ve almost got a second chance here. Anyone of you guys listening, we’re inspired, and we’re hungry, and we’re ready … and this festival is going to prove that. So listen!