Delighted to bring you today the premiere of ‘Penelope’, the powerfully-sexy new video from Lisbon-born, London-based avant-pop artist Ana de Llor. She says of the track:

“Have you ever wanted to use your own body to furiously wash away the stain someone left on you? I believe those thoughts and those actions are seen as unbecoming when they come from a woman but men have always been given the freedom to be as a sexually liberated as they so desired.

“As a woman, I feel we are not allowed be as sexually liberated, the same way Penelope wasn’t in the Odyssey. It was expected of her to turn down any suitors that came on to her while her husband was away on an indefinite journey that amounted to 20 years in the end. While away he made the decision to move on and lay with Goddesses, nymphs and common girls alike. I wanted to imagine a world where Penelope moved on and chose to be happy instead. Where she put her needs and her desires first.”

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