Words by Katie McFaul. Photo by Keira Anee.

‘Deep Blue Sea’ is the latest single from Noise Noir,and this track doesn’t mess about! Crashing in with heavy guitar and thumping drums, there is a real raw energy to this song from the moment you press play. This paired with Kelly Chard’s roaring vocals, not only produces a grimey, garage rock fantasy, but also allows us listeners to witness the complex relationship between a person and their mental health. Over the past few years, and in 2020 especially, the condition of people’s mental health has been a hot topic. We are fortunately living at a time where the conversation surrounding, what used to be an uncomfortable, taboo subject, is becoming more and more fluid between friends, on social media and across various artistic platforms. 

‘Deep Blue Sea’ manages to paint those consequential feelings of depression and anxiety with brash, raucous strokes, and it perfectly captures the sensation of being pulled further and further down by those inner demons. It’s deafening and dishevelled, but also quite alluring – like that friend who always gets you into trouble, but you fall for their schemes every time because they know you better than anybody else. And as the words, ‘I pledge my allegeance to the devil down below! And she welcomes me in with a tic-tac-toe‘ are howled over and over again, you can feel that anger and frustration of submitting to this invisible yet untouchable force that has so much power over all of us.

Noise Noir hail from London town, and declare themselves as ‘a riff-heavy, garage rock four piece with an unapologetic, fierce message of equality’ – If ‘Deep Blue Sea’ is anything to go on, I would say that this description is pretty accurate! So if you like your music loud and energised, with raging guitar riffs and just a hint of ‘spit in your face’ punk attitude, I would say that Noise Noir might just be your dream band.

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