Interview by Jamie Canavan

Bang Bang Romeo is heading on their UK/European Tour following the release of their debut album ‘A Heartbroker’s Guide to the Galaxy’. We caught up with the band after the debut of their latest single ‘You and I.’ (NB the questions were set before the Coronavirus outbreak!)

Stars, you explained that your inspiration for the song ‘You and I’ was the tragic Pulse night club shooting and the homophobia and transphobia that influences hateful acts every day. The lyrics are so powerful. Could you expand on your song writing process for this song?

Thank you! This song came about differently to the rest of the songs I’ve written, I kept the news channel on, and just stared at the tv with tears in my eyes and the song came out like ‘word vomit’ if you like! Started playing between the C and Em chord and the words just came, the song was written in less than half an hour. My partner came home from work, I played it to her, we cried, and that was that.  Emotionally draining that’s for sure, but worth it. 

I see that you are playing London Pride, Pride in The Park, and Queer Festival – there has been a lot of push and pull at the last few prides in London especially regarding the potential inclusion of transphobic organisations. Have you had to engage with conflicts surrounding events such as this before? How do you as a band tackle these issues?

No we haven’t, I’ve heard of this happening a couple of years and it made me roll my eyes big time. The LBGTQ+ community isn’t perfect, there’s dickheads in every community, just ban them from the events and have done with it. 

We as a band have only wonderful memories of Prides, for that we’re thankful and grateful for! 

Your songs and performances offer an immersive experience. Your fans are able to engage with the songs on deep levels. What have been some of your favourite fan encounters?

We have a song called ‘Chemical’, where every time we play live, the whole audience gets their phone torches out and makes the venue look like a night sky, it’s incredible to see! ‘Adore Me’, another song of ours ends up making everyone cry haha so it’s definitely an emotional rollercoaster, especially when by the end songs like ‘Invitation’ gets everyone jumping. We love our audiences. 

Your shout out to International Women’s Day video on Instagram was a 10/10. Are you seeing examples of improvement in opportunity and treatment for womxn musicians and fronted bands?

Thank you! Got a bit told off for the language I used in it but I don’t entirely give a fuck. Ha 

There definitely are changes and improvements being made, more artists that incorporate women are being taken on bigger tours as supports, Glastonbury becoming 50/50, we just need to keep showcasing talented ladies, because they’re talented, not because they’re ladies.  The industry needs to be careful that this doesn’t turn into a ‘female token on a line up’ sorta thing. 

Tell us an anecdote from your European tour with Pink.  

I accidentally flooded our showers at Wembley stadium before a show… it wasn’t TOO bad. They forgave me!

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