Track of the day today is the mesmerising ‘Butterfly Wings’ from Kat Five (aka Feral Five) – hypnotic electro-pop inspired by Morocco’s Racines and its slogan #LaCultureEstLaSolution. Produced by Kat and mastered by Katie Tavini, nominated for Mastering Engineer of the Year, so it’s a 100% female production.

Kat let us in on the audio magic behind the fluttery sound on the track … it’s the sound of a real butterfly’s wings!

“When I heard the butterfly in my studio I grabbed my portable Zoom and recorded a burst of the wing sound, which was surprisingly loud, before helping the butterfly fly off outside. I keep my recorder handy and often use unusual sounds in my tracks.

Armed with the butterfly recording and an idea, I worked on the lyrics and a melody. I looped and layered the butterfly sound to give a sense of flying around, and I created very sparse beats including a sharp crackle (like a fly zapper) to add a sense of danger. I experimented a lot and it was like painting with sound as I added vocals, synths, and guitar, with the bass more of a background drone. I didn’t want to swamp the butterfly, so tried to create space and depth in the mix, aiming for an organic fragile feel, but with quiet strength too.

Katie Tavini’s brilliant mastering really made the track live and breathe.”

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