Review by Tony Rounce

2019 was an important year for the women of Ġenn. Three of them relocated to Brighton from their native Malta, subsequently undergoing the rebranding that led them to their new name.  The latter was a risky thing to do, given that they had forged a decent public perception as Cryptic Street, and had already released their album “Tittymonster” under that name. But the gamble has begun to pay off and Leona, Janelle, Leanne and native Brit Sofia have quickly re-established themselves as one of the busiest bands in the country – and they are starting 2020 with the release of their first tune under their still-new identity. 

As the late Irish comedian Frank Carson used to say – “it’s a cracker”.

If you have caught Ġenn’s act, you will already know ‘Du Da Dance’. A favourite from the late Cryptic Street days, it shows that while their name might have changed, their full-on, take-no-prisoners style of music is as potent as it ever was. Filled with big riffs and an uncompromisingly mainstream rock sound, and topped by a solid sing-along ‘HEY-NaNaNaNaNaNa’’ chorus, it will quickly become your next big earworm if you allow it to. (To be honest, once you’ve heard it, you might not have any other option…)

The audio is accompanied by a simple, slightly claustrophobic black & white video that successfully captures the image that goes with the music, and particularly the unflaggingly energetic personality of lead singer Leona Farrugia.  As a taster for what you might expect to see and Ġenn live, it serves its purpose admirably.

‘Du Da Dance’s message is not cerebral, for sure. But if you like a bit of jumping around the room music to get you in the mood for a night out (particularly if you’re going to see Ġenn) it’s something you ought to check out more than once. Or twice.  Ġenn are out there gigging with commendable regularity at the moment, so you should have plenty of opportunities to do so over the next couple of months…

…And what of the name Ġenn, then?  According to group co-founder and lead guitarist Janelle Borg “it means crazy”. Appropriately enough for a bunch of highly likeable women with a crazy year ahead of them.  One that’s starting as it means to go on with ‘Du Da Dance’.

‘Du Da Dance’ will be available from all the usual streaming sources from January 27th and will be accompanied by a number of live shows around the country. Follow Genn on Facebook or Instagram for further updates on when and where…