Katie Graham: Fallen – track of the day

Kicking off the week with some fab new music from Preston’s Katie Graham – ‘Fallen’. One to watch.

Lancashire’s Graham released her debut EP aged just 18 in 2016. Her musical career was paused in late 2017 after becoming unwell and later diagnosed with intracranial hypertension (pressure on the brain), forcing her into a brief hiatus and putting life very much on hold. 

With her health now firmly under control, Katie is ready to make up for lost time and begins with the release of her musically defining new EP ‘Last Summer’. The ideas for the project were shaped whilst Katie travelled across Europe following a break up, with many of the tracks written whilst she stayed in different cities across the continent. 

“The EP is called Last Summer because it’s when I started experiencing a lot of the things I’ve written about in the songs,” Katie explains; “it was a time for me to really try and figure out what I wanted, who I wanted to be and what music I wanted to make. I get a lot of my writing influences from my friends lives and what’s going on with them and I find it a good way to release some of my own thoughts and emotions too. I’ve suffered with mental health problems since I was a kid which I think a lot of people understand and writing for me is just one way to help me get some of the cooped-up thoughts out of my brain!”

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