Very excited to bring you today a premiere of the new single from Belfast’s finest punk band, Sister Ghost – Fake Friends. It’s an instantly on-yer-feet fist-pumping anti-anthem for those frenemies who can absolutely do one. The vitriolic lyrics resonate in NI politics, in celebrity Twitter-storms, and in your DMs. Balls to the fake friends, and hurray for Sister Ghost!

“See what happens when the Stormont Ghosts take over Parliament and change things for the better, using nothing but love and common sense.”

For the uninitiated (and those who weren’t lucky enough to catch their outstanding performance at LOUD WOMEN Fest 3 in 2018) Sister Ghost is the the band of musical powerhouse and all round superb human, Shannon Delores O’Neill. You may also know Shannon from the Girls Rock NI chapter, which she set up in 2016.

Fake Friends is out now! Find Sister Ghost on