Today’s video of the day is Luna Bec with the stunning ‘Power to Change’ – a track I’m filing along with our pal Jelly Cleaver in the small but perfectly-formed genre of Protest Jazz.

This is Luna’s second single – a celestially inspiring rabble-rouser on the theme of the climate crisis – the result of a collaboration with indie filmmaker Hardy D Saleh. Luna says:

“Hardy contacted me about the video and asked if I would write a song for it. It was an easy decision for me since it’s a movement I am already much engaged with. He filmed the youth march in central London and sent me interview clips with those taking part. It was incredibly moving to hear these children expressing their passion for the planet. A song was put together in just one day.

The response of our government, national institutions and large corporations clearly does not reflect the gravity of this situation. Hardy titled the film “Our House Is On Fire,” after a quote from Greta Thunberg. I wanted to capture in the song both the intense urgency of this global crisis as well as the possibility we still have to turn things around, and the efforts of young people all over the world to make this change happen.”

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