Today’s track of the day is from Separatr – noise pop duo out of Bellingham, WA – the onomatopoeically-titled ‘Rustle and Racket’. It’s a wild ride, and the band’s frontwoman Stephanie seems like our kind of gal. Hope she doesn’t mind us sharing these words from her email to us this week, but this kind of message really captures everything we stand for at LOUD WOMEN – lifting up the sisters, turning up the volume:

“Early on, in my previous band, I often second-guessed myself, wondering if I was too loud, abrasive, and brash, if I was taking up too much space and demanding attention that I didn’t deserve. But there are so many women and female-fronted bands that have shown me that I don’t have to reign in my loudness, that I can scream as much as I want. Karen O, Alison Mosshart, St. Vincent, the amazing band called Baby in Vain that opened for St. Vincent when we saw her play Vancouver, Eva Hendricks from Charly Bliss, Sleater-Kinney…the list continues to grow, and I’m so grateful for everyone like you who works so hard to make that a reality.

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