LA’s Maddie Ross provides our picture perfect pop-punk video of the day today – the instantly lovable ‘Liv Tyler’. The song’s a banger in its own right – you’ll be singing the chorus with conviction in seconds. But do yourself a favour and give the video the proper watch it deserves. Maddie and pals turn heteronormative teen beauty myths on their head (so much love for the Queer Mean Girls who ‘make-under’ our heroine so that she can get the girl), and the gang take an actual sledgehammer to MTV – a fitting send off.

(If you’re in a rush and can watch nothing else, skip straight to 1:43 for the ad for a lesbian Polly Pocket set – I lolled.)

Maddie is off on tour with KT Tunstall this Autumn, after chatting to her on Twitter. DIY dreams do come true.

Someone give Maddie Ross a Netflix series pls.

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