Petrol Girls: ‘Big Mouth’ – feat. LOUD WOMEN’s Cassie Fox, Efa Supertramp and Chi Chi

Petrol Girls continue to storm the barricades with their empowering and awesome new single, ‘Big Mouth’.

The video begins with a shout out to the Solidarity Not Silence campaign, which continues its fight to defend women who spoke out against abuse. It continues with a backdrop of faces and voices, including Cassie Fox (LOUD WOMEN’s founder / I, Doris), our beloved Efa Supertramp, and vocalist Chi Chi from German queercore band Hyena Hysteria.

Petrol Girls say of the video:

“There’s a lot of politics around who is heard and what that means, and many marginalised groups are only tolerated when they’re quiet – “keep your voice down/ know your place/ bite your tongue/ you best behave…” When they refuse this containment and control they’re met with attempts to silence them.
A perfect example of this is the defamation case which aims to silence the Solidarity Not Silence girls – a group of women who each separately spoke out against the behaviour of a man in the music industry.
This song is massively influenced by a series of interviews I did on the topic of voice with various vocalists, including Chi Chi who appears in the video, and Jacob V Joyce who also helped to write the chorus lyrics for this song. For the video we removed my recorded vocals from the breakdown to make space for other people’s voices – this is a tactic we’ve been developing for a while now, which aims to push this classic punk/ hardcore gesture of passing the mic as far as we can. Thanks to Kit, Maryam, Cassie, Chi Chi and Efa for contributing!”

Petrol Girls’ new album “Cut & Stitch” will be out May 24th via Hassle Records – pre-order yours today from here!

One thought on “Petrol Girls: ‘Big Mouth’ – feat. LOUD WOMEN’s Cassie Fox, Efa Supertramp and Chi Chi”

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