menstrualReview by Temmuz (the drummer of Secondhand Underpants)

From the spoken-word style to howling and screaming that sound super authentic, the variety of vocals mark the genuineness of The Menstrual Cramps’ second album, Free Bleedin’. This might sound a bit over the top but I still want to say it: having my period while listening, feeling the blood coming out of my vagina, this album gave me the energy to not hate the frustration that menstruation causes and instead do something with it. So what do I do? Write a fuckin’ review.

The Menstrual Cramps is an anti-capitalist feminist band, therefore expect direct attack on Tories, Neo-Nazis, a lot of big brands, business owners, famous idols who should not be idols anymore, and of course, “boyz-who-will-be-boyz”.

The songs are so catchy that half of the album will get stuck in your head after giving one listen to the whole album, in that sense they remind me of Dream Nailsthey definitely share a close kinship in terms of lyrical and musical style.

There are 14 songs in total and you can tell they can produce music rapidly, though diligently. This rapidity actually shows itself in the guitars as fast riffs, playful strokes and abrupt small silences and it just sounds so good and steady.

Three of my favorite tracks Neo Nazi (necessary hatred song for neo-nazis), Mutual Masturbation (sexy stuff) and Tory Scum (Theresa May gets her share from our cramps) are perfect examples of this kind of eager song-writing.

But like I said, the way they sing is so creative and interesting that the main allure of the album for me is still the vocals.

Despite the catchiness of the songs, I still suggest you not to believe if people say they are “the missing links between Crass and Spice Girls”.

Apparently, The Menstrual Cramps wants revolution (just like a lot of other recent feminist punk bands) and manifests this want for instant change in fast-changing songs with very-well located impatient breaks for the bass to do its own thing.

In short, this album has a rapid creative punk energy that you cannot find elsewhere that easily, especially not in the merchandised pop bands.

As a last remark, check their enjoyable videos, they are having fun.”