We chatted to Ari from Pussyliquor ahead of their welcome return to LW Fest!
Pussyliquor! We are SO looking forward to welcoming you back to LW Fest! You’ve played loads of gigs since last year – how do you feel  you’ve grown/changed/developed as a band in the year that’s passed?

Thank you! We are super excited to play, since playing last year we’ve been through a lot! We’ve travelled to new lands and lost fragments of our minds along the way, but in the holes those fragments created grew life and new understanding. We’ve been hardened by experience, erect are we as stand together against evil forces. Our voices have never felt so strong, we can feel them touching the four corners of the Earth. As we travel and meet many new souls our message and purpose becomes clearer. And we now know what we must do: party on.

22459469_494306670926034_7037345928425083776_oAbsolutely loved ‘7 inch Wonder’ – can you talk us through the two tracks a bit in your own words? 
The songs we recorded at Access to Music back in December 2016. As you can see that’s quite a while from it’s release, an entire year in fact. We are simply slow like snails, but it’s okay to be slow. The songs are probably the most collaborative out of all our songs, we really sat down together in a circle and bounced the ideas off each other. The songs being so topical, ‘Kitty Kitty’ being about cat calling and ‘Get Out’ being about ‘romantic encounters’, made it easy to write about as we could all relate. We wanted get out to be a useful song as the idea came from a conversation we were already having, one of us facing the night before the issue of having someone round and not getting the hint to leave the house and go home. ‘Kitty Kitty’ is a response to a problem shared by many people, it’s giving us a platform to tell cat callers what we really think of them.
Your song ‘Hurtz’ is intriguing – could you talk us through what the song is about?

Hurtz was written about being told by your elders at a young age ‘he’s only mean to you because he lives you’ and ‘boys will be boys’. We realised how detrimental this can be as you grow older, seeing the abusive traits in your partner and continuing the thought of ‘he’s only mean to you because he likes you’. We were always told this when we were younger, so we wanted to create a song young girls in particular could hear to help them quickly break that thought pattern.

What can we look forward to from Pussyliquor?
World domination is the final goal. In the meantime, we’ll be launching more tracks into the universe! Another double sided 7inch and a music video are currently in production, tracks will also be available online. We hope to start planning a UK tour for next year! There will be so much merchandise and content!!!
Who are you looking forward to seeing play at Loud Women Fest?
We’re really looking forward to Petrol Girls, GUTTFULL and Zand again – we caught their first show the other night and they absolutely smashed it!! We will finally catch The Menstrual Cramps properly as well, lots of artists on the line up which we’ve never heard of before so it’s exciting to see some new names!
Tell us anything else you think it’s important we know about you/your music!
Our music is for everyone, we don’t want anyone to feel excluded by the topics we present as anybody can take something and learn from them or just relish in the fun and dance! Our intentions are to unite everyone together and empower each other! We want to create open discussion through music and give voice to those who have trouble being heard. By writing these songs we have set moral guidelines for ourselves which are growing and being challenged; with the presence of these songs in our lives we’ve been offered subject for thought and development. If we didn’t have the songs we’d have never expanded on our ideas, we encourage all of you to take what you learn and evolve!
Thanks for having us Loud Women!!