Track of the day: Ishani’s ‘Insomnia’


“Insomnia is a love song to all of those sleepless people up all night, trapped in their sheets. I wanted to send some love and strength to those people. One in three of us experience mild insomnia, but you’re not alone and yours isn’t the only light on in the middle of the night.”

Hailing from the southernmost point of England, at a young age Ishani returned with her family to the sprawling metropolis of Bangalore, India, where she spent her childhood. After obtaining her degree in TV, Film and Radio in Singapore she moved to London to study Audio Engineering at Alchemea & Point Blank. Her first track ‘Pelican Elephant’ was picked up by MTV India and she was showcased as a BBC introducing artist. Ishani has performed at Sziget Festival and she’s also opened for the Icelandic electronic group ‘GusGus’ at Be My Lake Festival. Her second single ‘Don’t Stop the Fight’ was downloaded over 400,000 times after being included in the Indian interactive comic book Priya’s Mirror. Ishani is deeply influenced by artists such as Massive Attack, Portishead, Morcheeba and Hooverphonic. She is now working on new music that will eventually be released as her debut EP ‘Stormy Emotions’ which is due out in August 2018.




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