We’re delighted to bring you the exclusive video premier of Nausica’s latest video, Black & White. It’s an unashamedly retro electro pop song – they’re telling me Foals, but I’m hearing hella Depeche Mode tbh. The quirky video looks like they had a lot of fun making it! Enjoy …

The band tell us that Black & White symbolically describes two different mindsets in the form of an ongoing flashback. They elaborate:

“conscious choices are made with clear memories, in contradiction to the typical grey area, where everything you feel and do seems blurry. The chorus could be perceived as the deep, powerful and colourful output of emotions, almost losing the feeling for reality”.

Since forming in 2013, Nausica have continued to work from their home countries of both Germany and the Netherlands, writing and producing their own material.

Black & White is out now via Knight Rider Records.