Suggested Friends pic

Review by Zoe Biggs (of The Franklys)
Suggested Friends – S/T (LP)
Out now on Bandcamp from Oddbox Records

Suggested Friends certainly have a way of naming their songs that catches the eye. Looking down the track list of this their self titled debut LP out now on Odd Box Records, and seeing tracks with names like ‘I Can’t Roll My Eyes That Far (Back)’ and ‘Please Don’t Look At Me On The Bus’, makes me love this band before I’ve even heard the first note. It makes me want to scream ‘saaaame!’ and do some sort of praise dance.

Suggested Friends album artworkOnwards to the sounds from this raucous London four piece. The album opener of ‘I Don’t Want To Be A Horcrux For Your Soul’ sets the pace nicely, and for me is the stand out track of this body of work. Its instantly catchy guitar work and uplifting drums combining with the dark and sharp lyrics present an good introduction to this band. This has bright 90s nostalgia indie vibes, and vocals reminiscent of the likes of The Cranberries and Go Sailor. Everything about it is glorious, and makes you want to hook this up on repeat.

‘Chicken’ is another stand out track, with a strong sing-along chorus, weaving a cautionary tale of not chickening out of trying things, and to work hard to be true to yourself. There are more mellow moments to this album too, which provides a good contrast to some of the more raw songs. ‘Menagerie Of Cats’ is a beautiful track, with lush and smooth harmonies taking it to the next level. This and also the brilliantly subtle ‘Grateful’ wouldn’t be out of place on the soundtrack to a throwback 90s film such as Romy And Michele’s High School Reunion.

The pace is picked back up with the likes of ‘Please Don’t Look At Me On The Bus’ ,which has lyrics I’m going to memorise and sing back when the inevitable next incident of harassment happens. Catchy, defiant and addressing an all-too-often-occurring phenomenon.

Overall, this is a bright, fun, sparkly album with raw and to the point lyrics – there’s no hiding from the wit. Check it out; you’ll be hooked, and if I still haven’t convinced you, just know that there is also a song on there called ‘Motherfucking Tree’, oh yes there is.