Advent Galendar Window no.17 – The Empty Page

Here’s something worth getting out of bed on a Sunday for … it’s time to open window number 16 of the LOUD WOMEN Advent Galendar! Who’ve we got here then …

It’s The Empty Page!


Manchester lovelies The Empty Page have been on our favourites list for as long as we’ve known about them, and we were delighted to feature their stonking track ‘Deeply Unloveable’ on our first compilation album. In their own words:

“We’ve had a top year! We’ve toured all over the UK and been to Canada to play some shows. We’ve met some great bands. We’ve laughed lots and we’ve written some cracking new songs that are going down well at gigs. We’re gonna do one last show this year and then get our heads down and put the finishing touches to some tunes before going into the studio to record them. We can’t afford to do an album but will be releasing at least one 7-inch over the next 6 months. Keep an eye on bandcamp and if you wanna buy some merch it would really help us with our recording budget (We ship WORLDWIDE!)”

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