GUTTFULL: 10 Question Interview



GUTTFULL are the best sax punk band in the UK right now – no contest. LOUD WOMEN loves them most of all, not least because we are in them. We asked them/ourselves 10 questions, and no that’s not odd at all …

1. Who would you most like to cover your songs?
Cassie: I’m going to be the first to say Downtown Boys because I expect the others will say the same. Victoria Ruiz is about the only frontwoman I can imagine giving as visceral a rendition of ‘Gaslighting Motherfucker’ as our Moe!
Gemma: I’d really like to hear Downtown Boys make ‘Mafu’ their own.
Louis: I would pay to see Enya perform a cover of ‘Arsehole’.
Phil: Demi Lovato to cover ‘Does Your Girlfriend Know You’re Here?’

2. Choose: Madonna or Beyoncé?

Moe: Beyonce – she has been an integral artist in the soundtrack OF MY LIFE! she has been there during the best and worst shit. I completely rate Madonna however for her drive and determination. She’s done it all on her own. She created her own platform. She is untouchable.

Cassie: Madonna was my first hero. A 10-year-old Cassie went to see her at Wembley (with my parents) and I’ve wanted to be her ever since.

Gemma: Beyoncé and her dance moves all the fucking way.

Louis: Early era Madonna – fond memories of a trip to France when I was 12 listening to The Immaculate Collection on repeat.

Phil: Beyoncé is making revolutionary, stunning, relevant music that moves me every time I listen to it. I haven’t forgiven Madge for W.E.

3. Choose one of your songs to be on a movie soundtrack. What kind of film is it?

Cassie: ‘#Notallmen’ is quite a sexy song, I think anyway. I’d like to see it set to some feminist porn – does that exist? It should do.

Phil: ‘#Notallmen’ is definitely some of my sexiest work. I’d be honoured.

Gemma: Feminist porn does exist, but I’d quite like to hear ‘Gaslighting Motherfucker’ over the montage that starts with women leaving their shit boyfriends/managers and doing their band, their way, like The Runaways or We Are The Best.

Louis: I hear ‘Does Your Girlfriend Know You’re Here?’ on an American teen type movie where it’s featured in one of those montage bits where these girls plot revenge on their cheating boyfriends.

4. Choose: the 80s or the 90s?

Cassie: I’m still embarrassed about the 90s having even existed – it’s all so awkward and bland. The 80s was frantic and angry and dirty and neon pink – much like GUTTFULL!

Gemma: The 90s because things were socially getting better and we could still listen to 80s music if we wanted so HAH. Louis: 90s – Kurt n Courtney, obvs.

Phil: Why not both? I had more fun in the 90s, though.

5. Recommend a record and a book that you think our readers might not have heard of Cassie: The postman just delivered me Nervous Twitch’s new single ‘That Weird Guy’ today and it’s beautiful! I don’t read a lot, I just don’t get the time. For the past couple of years every time I go on holiday I read another few chapters of David Byrne’s How Music Works. It’s fascinating, and really inspiring for my own writing – I’ve written a number of GUTTFULL songs on the same holidays. I’m about three quarters of the way through now!

Louis: A band called Lowly released and album this year called Heba. It’s beautiful, dreamy Danish pop.

Phil: The Martin Beck series of books by Maj Sjöwall and Per Wahlöö are great detective novels that are also searing critiques of patriarchy and capitalism. Your readers have almost definitely heard of Kesha, and are probably aware that she’s recently released an album called Rainbow, but if they’re not aware of how breathtaking, touching, wonderful and fun it is, they should definitely give it a listen.

6. One for the guitarists…bore us with the details of your set-up please

Cassie: My guitar is a Squier – a signature model designed by Ryan Jarman of The Cribs. I mostly love it because it’s purple. I’ve been using my husband’s Turbo Rat pedal recently, after I accidentally swapped pedal boards with Lori from Weekend Recovery when we played with them in Brixton, so I’ve only just got my usual pedal – a Nano Big Muff – back. I’m really loving the Turbo Rat though – might see how long I can go before Mr Fox notices I’ve still got it. And I don’t have my own amp yet. [Update: I just had my 40th birthday and my brilliant other half bought me a BEAUTIFUL purple Gordon Smith and I can’t wait to play it on stage on Friday!]

Gemma: Don’t bother with set-up or pedals, is my advice.

7. What’s the best thing about being in your band?

Gemma: Being in the best gang, and the feeling I get when we play to a crowd made uncomfortable by Moe shouting that they’re arseholes.

Cassie: The swearing and the glitter.

Phil: Getting to play on stage with my best friend, and making new friends every time we play (even at gigs where most people seem to hate us).

8. What are your band goals?

Gemma: Supporting Downtown Boys.

Cassie: The bloody destruction of the patriarchy. (And a US tour would be great!)

Phil: All of the above, plus convincing Moe that Kesha’s Rainbow is the greatest album released this year.

9. What’s the most important thing we need to know about your band right now?

Louis: We have amazing T-shirts for sale! Also we will soon be recording our debut album, with a release next year.

Phil: Yes, the T-shirts! If you buy them not onl


y will you look incredible, you’ll help us get the album made.

10. Give your top 5 contemporary bands
Moe: 1 Las Kellies : I call it gutt music. When a band have the capacity to make you dance. It’s raw.
2 Downtown Boys : I’ve never fallen in lust with a band so quickly. Again, proper gutt music.
3 The Twistettes: I ADORE them. ‘Suck it, Fake it’ is the most amazing track I have heard since Le Tigre’s ‘Deceptacon’. It makes this Samoan go savage on the dance floor.
4 Petrol Girls : at LWF 2017 they completely BLEW MY MIND! Like I was witnessing an important part of history yet to be written. Something was happening. Like when you hear catz brag about being at some important gig that you “Just don’t get it man. You had to be there, man!”
5 Witching Waves. Their album ‘Fear of Falling Down’ is my number one ‘go-to’ soundtrack for travelling. On the bus, tube or on foot. Y’know when EVERY track is a great track? Yeah, that. They are sooo bloody good.
Cassie: Mine’s going to be really easy to predict…
1. Downtown Boys, because they’re the most important band on the planet right now and we worship them in a totally, unapologetically, uncool way. When they come and play in London on 18 October we will be down the front actually losing our shit.
2. Dream Nails, because they’re the most exciting band on the planet right now. Their songs are inspiring and brilliant, and they get more amazing every time I see them play.
3. Petrol Girls, because they’re the most punk-fucking-rock band on the planet right now and I can’t wait to hear what’s next from them.
4. The Twistettes, because they blew my socks off at LOUD WOMEN Fest the other week, and reminded me of…
5. Bratakus, my other favourite Scottish punk duo. There’s very exciting music coming from up that way at the moment – GUTTFULL need to go on a Scottish tour!
Louis: Downtown Boys, Lowly, Savages, Waxahatchee, Cherry Glazerr
Phil: Downtown Boys, of course. Of all the bands we play with regularly, Fightmilk are my faves – Lily Rae’s a fantastic frontwoman, and their songs sum up brilliantly how it feels to hate your 20s. We had the pleasure of meeting Party Fears at Loud Women Fest, and I’ve fallen in love with them a little bit – I really want to play with them in Berlin. The Baby Seals are so much fun – I’m really looking forward to supporting them at Brixton Windmill on 23 October. Finally, Foxcunt are angry about a lot of the same stuff that we are, and are some of the best people I know.

Find GUTTFULL on Facebook and see them live at our Birthday Party on Friday!



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