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London sax-punk five-piece GUTTFULL are poised to release debut EP ‘#notallmen’ on 20 July.

Featuring Cassie (formerly of The Wimmins’ Institute) on guitar, Gemma and Louis (formerly of Kenickers, possibly the world’s first Kenickietribute band) on bass and drums, Phil on saxophone and Moe on vocals, GUTTFULL have been in existence for little over six months, but have already played a string of successful gigs and radio sessions and chalked up thousands of views for their debut Trump-targeting video ‘Arsehole’.

The band were also highlighted as one of ten bands “reinventing riot grrrl” by the TeamRock website, as chosen by the highly-acclaimed deux furieuses.

With influences andcomparisons ranging from X Ray Spex and early Slits to Bikini Kill and Downtown Boys, GUTTFULL concoct a unique blend of sounds from the last four decades, and frontwoman Moe’s vocals have already been likened to Poly Styrene. On latest video ‘Keyboard Warrior’ the band flex their feminist muscles with a lyric aimed at internet trolls. The track also features on LOUD WOMEN’s debut compilation album ‘LOUD WOMEN: Volume One’.

Bursting with a generous six tracks, GUTTFULL’s EP features both previous singles as well as anti-patriarchy live favourite ‘Mafu’ (a Samoan word for ‘rotten’), Tits and Nails’, ‘Does Your Girlfriend Know You’re Here?’ and new single ‘#notallmen’, with accompanying video due on release day. The band state that the lead track “is a tongue-firmly-in-cheek ballad for men who love to think of themselves as feminist allies, yet prove themselves to be anything but”, while the artwork features a brilliant collage of discredited male celebrities.

#notallmen EP is self-released by GUTTFULL on 20 July, download through their Bandcamp, or pick up a limited edition CD at their launch at the Lexington on 20 July, when they support Skinny Girl Diet with The Franklys and Fightmilk.