first view: killer BOB’s new video, ‘Francine Putrescine’

LOUD WOMEN are excited to bring you the exclusive first view of killer BOB‘s awesome new video for ‘Francine Putrescine’.

killer BOB are an aggro grunge band from Birmingham led by frontwoman and songwriter Nat Bite (Jazz Thrash Assassin, Erica Nockalls, Selfless) alongside Pete “Von-Doom” Shortman and Jim Griffiths. Taking influence from the likes of Babes in Toyland, Soundgarden and Pantera, they say they are “here to satisfy your unmet grunge needs with more than a hint of yoni power”. Nat says:

“I wrote Francine Putrescine about how society marginalises female sex workers and can often ignore their mental and physical health needs. I reflected on this after visiting a drop in centre for sex workers on heroin treatment programmes in Birmingham.”


Check out more from the band at



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