review by richard archer

The Venemous Pinks – We Do It Better (SquidHat Records)Delightfully gung-ho and true to their aim (the title is the very definition of chutzpah), this five-track EP concisely captures The Venomous Pink’s balancing act between pop and hardcore punk styles.

The opening lyrics on lead track ‘We Do It Better’ sets out the band’s philosophy:

  • “They’ll tell you all your life /
    you’ve got to be a little wife / Fuck that!”

and is spat out by guitarist/singer Drea Doll with a grit that harks back to classic Joan Jett. They’re fond of a ‘whoah’ here and a shout-along there, which always makes for great drinking music. And in case it might feel like its getting too gruff, they temper the songs with some great harmonies too.
‘Pizza Slice’ and ‘Mantis’ show off the bands knack for velocity and brutality, and they pull off the rare trick of being able to switch into this gear from the preceding poppy-er material without the listener being conscious of the leap. They even come close to metal in some places with a few doom riffs chucked into the blur for extra power.

I think this will appeal to fans of The Donnas for its pop potential, The Plasmatics and The Lunachicks for its slightly bonkers vibes and maybe even thrashers like Nervosa for the speed and energy.

The Venemous Pinks – We Do It Better (SquidHat Records) is available to order from their Bandcamp.
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