LOUD WOMEN favourites Petrol Girls have just released news of an ongoing project to highlight sexual violence at music festivals. Singer Ren Aldridge says:

“We’re playing GROEZROCK 2017 this weekend! We want to use the opportunity of having a stage and the mic to challenge the culture of sexual violence that happens at festivals. If you’ve experienced any bullshit (harassment/ groping/ assault ect) at Groezrock (or at any other festivals/ venues) and you feel it would be empowering for you to speak about it, then send us a vocal recording and we’ll blast your voice out over the speakers before we play Touch Me Again! Please share, but be sensitive about tagging people who might not want to talk about it.
Already when we shared our video for this song, I saw shares where people mentioned shit experiences at festivals including Groezrock. We should all be able to have a wild time at festivals without having to constantly assess situations/ people for fear of sexual violence!”