by Eloise Bulmer

Jo Bevan of Desperate Journalist – photo by The Chaos Engineers

How are you feeling about releasing your album ‘Grow Up’? 
We are all so excited and impatient about it – we have all put so much work and love into this record and we can’t wait for people to hear it.

What your personal favourite track off of ‘Grow Up’ and why? 
If I have to choose it’s probably ‘Lacking In Your Love’, because it feels so big and anthemic and has only got one chorus. It’s my favourite to play live as well.

What’s your writing process like, is it more solo or collaborative? 
Rob will write bits and pieces or even whole song structures, and we all work on fleshing the ideas out into fully formed song structures. Then I write the melodies to what we have, and work out how to fit lyrics I’ve already got to the music.

What’s the concept behind your recent video for ‘Resolution’? 
The song was written after a New Year’s Eve party where I was feeling totally out of step with everyone and the social whirl of it all and the video is basically a literal interpretation of that.

You’re about to embark on a UK and German tour, are you looking forward to playing new songs live? 
Hugely. Playing live is my favourite part of being in a band, and we all love doing new stuff because it’s always much more exciting. We are already playing a number of songs off the new album live and they’ve been going down really well which is great.

Are there any places you would like to play in the future? 
I really want to do the whole breaking America thing, but it’s just way too expensive at the moment unfortunately. I’d also like to play my childhood hometown of High Wycombe, out of spite.

Finally, what date of tour are you most looking forward to playing? 
The Scala, which will be the biggest gig we have ever played. I’m terrified/super excited.

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