The first ever LOUD WOMEN Fest was a ROARING success on 3 Sept. Bob Oram took some neatly organised notes.

Ambitious Twenty five acts across two stages in one day.
Beautiful The atmosphere, the bands, and the audience.
Creative Ingenious designs, merchandise and artwork on display
DIY Artists learning as they go along, circumnavigating the mainstream, independent and resourceful.
Exciting To just be part of this scene and to share the moment.
Vintage dresses, colourful costumes, style and panache but no snobbery.
Helpful Raising money for good causes. 
Imaginative Vivid and visionary artists .
Jubilant A living celebration of feminism.
Kaleidoscopic The range, the quality and colour of the sounds made this an incredible cauldron of talent.
Luminous Intelligent lyric writers.
Memorable Moments and performances to treasure and cherish.
Non-stop Wall-to-wall sound, perfectly stage-managed.
Overlooked By all the traditional mainstream media.
Political Passionate, personal and some polemic.
Quintessential The essence of Riot Grrrl.
Resonant With true meaning.
Sparkling Incandescently bright.
Thunderous Applause.
Unisex Sharing toilets reflected the community spirit.
Venue Welcoming, friendly, affordable, serving great food and blessed with quality sound engineers.
Wired Adrenaline excitement.
Xenial Warmth to cherish. 
Yearly There just has to be another one.
Zestful Spirited enjoyment for twelve glorious hours.

[Ed. – wot no F-word?]

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