London-based bedroom pop artist Maripool released ‘Softly’, out now via her new label home, Practise Music. 

Maripool (Natasha Simões) is a Lisbon-born songwriter who is a self-taught musician influenced by the Midwest emo scene. A one girl band, besides teaching herself guitar, Maripool also picked up bass and drums. 

Maripool’s latest single and video, ‘Softly’ is anything but soft. This jangle dreampop track is bright yet dark with Maripool confronting the darkness of her inner turmoil.

It all comes at once
and it screams my name
All the evil stays in me

Maripool shares the following about ‘Softly’:

“This song was written as a form of exorcism; there’s an evil inside of me that needs to come out but in the end I decide to keep. In the music video that’s what I wanted to get across, as well. There’s an evil, which is portrayed as the jester, that follows me around but in the end I welcome it and come to terms with it.”

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