‘What kind of Blue Are You?’ asks LA-based dreampopper Winters upcoming album. “Have you seen blue?” is the more immediate question in the video for lead single ‘Atonement’, appearing on a series of wanted posters torn down by Winter and Hatchie as they sashay their way through LA. Even Winter doesn’t have a concrete answer:

“Every time I hear this song a new version of the story plays out in my head – an escape, a mystery, a forbidden love. By the time it reaches full climax there is a big reveal – the secret is out, we discover who committed the crime, the lovers are reunited.”


The variety of interpretations for the narrative in ‘Atonement’ reflects the musical complexity of the song. The dreamy desperation of the chorus seems at odds with the darker, more abstract verses. The hypnotic bassline is near-constant, with the occasional drum flourishes coming as a – not-unwelcome – surprise. Add the 90s-esque blue-filter and ‘escape’ story of the video, and there is something really special here.

“The concept for the video immediately came to mind when working on the song together. The dark and talkative verses contrasting with the bubbly, hopeful choruses really conveyed the kinda energy I wanted to translate.”


‘What kind of Blue Are You?’ will be released on the 14th of October 2022. In the meantime, find Winter on: