Hastings's own Sirens/Witches Message from the Ravens are playing the  LOUD WOMEN Club night at the Piper in St Leonards/Hastings on Thursday 14 July. It's their first show for us here at LOUD WOMEN and although known to many locals they will be new to some so we asked them a few questions...

For people who’ve not heard you play live before, what can we expect from you at the LOUD WOMEN gig?

Arousing humour riddled with enchanted story telling and ethereal sounds! 

What’s the most important thing we need to know about your band right now?

We’re all on our periods. Also we’re in the middle of filming an epic narrative based witchy epic for our Single ‘Jupiter’s Tears’, which comes out September 2022. 

If you could add any musician (live or dead) to your band lineup, who would it be?


Pass the mic – who are your top 3 contemporary bands?

  • Nova Twins
  • Kid Kapichi
  • Hotwax

Draw us a picture.

More about Message from the Ravens on instagram / on Facebook

Catch them on 14 July at The Piper! Tickets on sale here.