The other day I interviewed the awesome protest folk hero in singer-songwriter-comedy genius form, Grace Petrie. Well, I say I interviewed her … my kids took over quite a lot of the time finding out the most pertinent information of all – what Grace’s experience of being a contestant on The Chase was like five years ago!

We Foxes go way back with Grace from the days when my husband and I played a lot of labour movement events with our band Thee Faction, so you’ll have to excuse a fair bit of chinwagging and catching up.

Grace talked a lot about her unique stagecraft – where the between-song personal chat, political rallying, and damn funny stories form as important a role as her powerful/beautiful/thought-provoking music.

And we also remembered to talk about her new album, a bit at least, as that was the whole point of the interview after all! Connectivity is out 4 October, and available to pre-order on Bandcamp now. There’s some fit merch there too.

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