Our track of the day today is ‘Lacuna’ by New Zealand’s Reb Fountain.

Going on the official musical description of the track, “a synth filled crooner ballad”, Reb Fountain don’t orbit in or around the LOUD WOMEN brand, either by genre, narrative, mood and probably mixing and production. Spotify included them in their indie/folk radio. Forget all that and enjoy the three minute almost Kate Bush tribute, built for the darker grooves of modern times; also similar to current artist Roisin Murphy.

Reb Foundation is one woman, an award winning songwriter in her home country of New Zealand. She works with New Zealand’s fabulous Flying Nuns label – the first place I found feminist men before Kurt Cobain; a band called The Chills, in fact.

Fact fans

Lacuna is the third single off Reb Fountain’s upcoming album, IRIS, out on 1 October.

Artist website Bandcamp