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A massive weekend for London’s DIY scene … #AccidentalFestival starts today!


All those man-band promoters claim there’s not enough female musicians to play their festivals, yet we went and filled 4 days with awesome womxn-bands without even trying! #accidentalfestival starts today …

giheFriday 10 August:
Get in Her Ears at the Finsbury, with

*Nervous Twitch*

110818_smallerSaturday 11 August:

LOUD WOMEN at the Hope & Anchor, with
*Cryptic Street*

*Vertigo Violet*
*The Muffin Heads*

36948349_2141995476066720_6100335890972803072_oSunday 12 August:
Who Run the World celebrates their 3rd birthday at the Mill Hill Music Complex with a Sunday afternoon open mic jam – get involved!

blueMonday 13 August:
Blue Monday celebrate their founder MIRI’s birthday at the Booglaoo, with
*Minnie Birch*
*Tom Craven*

*Izzie Yardley*
*Chloe Hawes*

Awesome events also happening this weekend in the DIY capital …

shhFriday 10 August:
Bent Fest and Decolonize Fest at the DIY Space for London, with
*Shh…Diam!* (Malaysia)
*Screaming Toenail*
*Irn Brunette*


queerMonday 13 August:
Oxjam Camden at the Lock Tavern, with

*Jemma Freeman ATCS*


No excuse for staying home!

A weekend of badass London gigs!

Wondering what to do in the big smoke this weekend? The musical madams at Loud Women and Who Run the World have got you sorted!

110818_smallerSaturday 11 August – the Hope & Anchor, Islington

Loud Women present a night of awesome music, with performances from:
Cryptic Street (Malta)
Maltese 4-piece punx currently taking over the world – so excited to bring these awesome girls to London! They’ve just released their album ‘Titty Monster’ and it’s fawesome. Do not miss this.
Vertigo Violet
Birmingham’s finest garage punks, led by powerhouse Charly.
The Muffin Heads – https://www.facebook.com/themuffinheads/
Essex grunge trio
As it’s an extra special night, we’ve got LOUD WOMEN DJs til midnight, so bring your dance pants and expect a lot of 80s bangers!
Doors 8pm, Tickets £6 in advance, £8 on the door.

36948349_2141995476066720_6100335890972803072_oSunday 12 August – Mill Hill Music Complex

Our friends Who Run the World turns 3 this weekend, and they’re holding a Sunday afternoon jam (11am to 4pm) to celebrate!

The jam is for women, trans, non-binary and queer folk, though all are welcome to attend so long as your attendance is respectful.

Contributions can be made at https://www.paypal.me/wrtwuk which will be split 20:80 for studio hire and a donation to Action for Trans Health.

Bring your own gear, or borrow what’s there. Come to jam and hang, to meet some new people and just have a musical chill in Mill Hill.

Full details here!

International Women’s Day fun

by Cassie Fox

Our #IWD gig on Weds, co-hosted with Who Run The World, was SUCH a great night! Finally I get chance to sit down and say a few words about it, for those who couldn’t make it …

First of all, The Menstrual Cramps played their first gig, sounding as tight and confident as if they’d been playing together for years. They reminded me a lot of DREAM NAILS – heartfelt rage channelled through their music, and bloody catchy songs. Keep finding myself singing “Let My Bush Be Free” on the school run, oopsie.

mentrual cramps

Next up were our Buffycore BFFs The Potentials, who once again proved themselves to be DIY ‘scene not scenery’ to the max – they turned up early, brought a load of drum gizmos, and Zach also provided £££s worth of brand new DVDs he’d swiped from work. Then they played a blinding set! LOUD WOMEN hearts this band big time. Catch them again next weekend – LOUD WOMEN volume 1: album launch party


The Baby Seals returned to play their second LOUD WOMEN gig, and reminded us all why, at their first LW gig, several members of the audience were debating forming a record label right there on the spot in order to sign them. These chicks rule – the songs are strong and dancey and perfectly executed, and the lyrics make you howl with laughter. I had such fun dancing at the front with loads of great babes around me yelling along “He’s going to cum on her FACE!” It was like the best woke hen party ever. Love those seals.

Personal highlight of my own evening, as ever, was getting to do the raffle for the first time in ages. Don’t know why I love that so much but I really do! There were some excellent DVD + chutney prize combos won by lots of happy campers, and we helped top up the donations to Women’s Aid 

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Best raffle ever!

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Then finally, megababes Charmpit played their first headline show, and kicked the ass out of it! Spandex bikini-clad, they got everyone dancing with their infectious energy and humour. Their message at the end of the set was perfectly aligned with LOUD WOMEN’s core ethos: making music is fun and powerful, and *you can do it too* Hurray for Charmpit!

We’re still counting up the total raised on the night, as gremlins/the patriarchy seem to have crept in to Beth’s systems, but so far there’s £186 raised for Women’s Aid! I’ll update the total once we know more from WRTW.

8 March: The Baby Seals, Charmpit, The Menstrual Cramps & The Potentials

080317To celebrate International Women’s Day, a sisterly partnership between LOUD WOMEN and Who Run the World promotions.

All profits to Women’s Aid.

Doors 8pm
Tickets £6 online (no fees!) | £8 OTD






interview: The Potentials

by Beth White of Who Run the World

The Potentials: Shanaz, Holly and Zak

Can you describe your music in a few short words? 

Holly: Buffy the Vampire Slayer themed queer diy pop
Shahnaz: chaotic, catchy funtimes for all
Zak: It’s queer, feminist pop punk. It’s all based in the Buffyverse but as with the show, everything is just an analogy for everything we experience in our daily life. Except maybe ‘Moloch’, that ones kinda specific to the show/90’s TV in general. (sorry that’s not a few or short words).

How did you all meet & decide to form The Potentials?
We met at a support group for people that can’t get over the 90s and decided we’d enable our Buffy obsession in a healthy way.
Shahnaz: It all began as an attempt to play the Buffy RPG, it turned out that was really hard because you’ve got to have a good DM and follow rules and stuff, so we instead we decided to channel our love of Buffy into some songs, and became the very band you see before you.
Zak: We all knew each other and ended up talking about Buffy awkwardly at parties, and then, as Shahnaz said, the RPG was too hard so we decided to try being a band! Worked out alright didn’t it!

Who are your influences?
 Bruce SpringsteenTeam DreschMy Chemical Romance on repeat forever and ever.
Shahnaz: Az from ice shack in Manchester, and some bands.

  • “Fags and dykes and queers and grrrls and wimmin and punx and all the weirdos.”

Keep being weird. (And The Spice Girls).

What exciting things did you get up to in the last year?
 We recorded a new EP, made a pop video, went on tour, had a birthday party, had a spring fling, had our second annual Slayerfest, made a charity single, and rewatched all of Angel. It was bananas!
Zak: As above, so below PLUS we are an inordinate amount of hash browns.

What have we got to look forward to from The Potentials this year?
 More songs, more tours, more hash browns for breakfast.
Shahnaz: A really good t-shirt with a cute animal on it!
Zak: PARAHOY (please Hayley?) plus loads of shows and feelings and new music!

(Assuming you are!) Why are you particularly looking forward to playing the Who Run the World/LOUD WOMEN show on 8th March for International Women’s Day? 
Holly: One word: Charmpit.
Zak: All of it. Plus more Charmpit with everything please. LOUD WOMEN and Who Run The World have both been so supportive of us and so many good bands, so honestly, it’s gonna be the party to end all parties.

What is your take on the state of women’s representation in music right now?
Shahnaz: In the DIY scene women are properly doing it for themselves, I see oodles and caboodles of female bands making a start and making good. Unfortunately that doesn’t crossover into mainstream music, the handful of bands I see getting signed and getting representation still maintain the status quo in that they are mainly all male, and usually all white.
Zak: As a cis-but-sissy gay guy I won’t take up much space here except to say that all the women in the scene at the moment are REALLY FUCKING NAILING IT!!! Lots of pricks to continue to fight but you babes have been absolutely slaying (bad pun intended)

Where can people listen to your music & buy merch?


Beth White’s interview was originally published on the Who Run the World tumblr here

7 Oct 2016: The Empty Page | Dream Nails | Little Fists | Charmpit


A sisterly joint-promotion by Who Run The World and LOUD WOMEN, together offering a night of doubly-awesome women-led music, in aid of anti-austerity charities.

Part of the WE SHALL OVERCOME 2016 weekend


A trio of Mancunians writing songs with an infectious pop sensibility, layered with a healthy dose of fuzz and shot through with ‘grim up North’ poeticism.

Celebrating their 1 year band birthday – Dream Nails played their first gig at the We Shall Overcome gig last year, which was also the first ever LOUD WOMEN gig. So much to celebrate with our favourite punk witches!

Melodic guitar, sad lyrics, suddenly loud shouting and screaming … we love these fisty babes.

Pop Punk prom queens just trying to buy some weed.

Plus poetry, cake, raffle, snogging*, and MORE

Donations on the door to Women’s Aid – suggested minimum £5


10 women-led music nights in London

The Ethical Debating Society @ LOUD WOMEN, The Veg Bar. Copyright Keira Anee 2015
Women-led music nights are springing up fast and loud all over London – and beyond. Celebrate talent, champion women and have a great time – grab your mates and get yourself along to one of these nights showcasing some of the best of women in music.


Where            Hope & AnchorThe Lexington, and Veg Bar
What              Punk, pop and riot grrrl
Who               VodunDream NailsLouise Distras and Grace Petrie.


Where            Apples and Pears Bar and Muse
What              All genres, acoustic & electric
Who               ARXXBerriesSalwa Azar and Nova Twins.


Where             The Boogaloo
When              Second Monday of each month
What               LBQT acoustics
Who                Nia WynMinnie BirchXylaroo and Dana Immanuel and the Stolen Band.


Where             Genesis Cinema
What               Riot grrrl, feminist punk, female-led rock and pop bands, after a feminist film
Who                Dream WifeFightmilkFresh, and Majorettes.


Where            The Macbeth
When             Last Saturday of every month
What              R’n’B, hip-hop and pop DJs from the 90’s to present day.
Who               Zoe LondonFabienne and 
GCDJ. Look out for future DJ sets from Rosie Lowe, and film screenings.


Where             The Underbelly
When               2 or 3 events per year
What               Rocknroll, afrobeat, pop, soca, and all inbetween!
Who                Deux FurieusesBlindnessMadame So and Feral Five.


Where             DIY Space for London
What               Riot grrrl/punk
Who                ShoppingThe Ethical Debating Society and Skinny Girl Diet.


Where             Ziferblat
What               Solo and duo singer-songwriters, poetry and spoken word performances
Who                Daniel Versus the WorldRiver HarperBaby Arms and Cath Elms.

(And then we couldn’t miss out these two down in Brighton, which is London-on-Sea, yeah?)


Where             Artista Studio
When              First Friday of every month
What               A mixed bag. Expect loop artists, punk bands, singer-songwriters, rap/beatbox, folk, blues, jazz and rock.
Who               GreennessYazmyn HendrixLaura and the BassDirty Scavenger and Chuck SJ Hay.


Where             The Hope & Ruin
When              3 mini-festivals a year
What               Punk, electronica, Femme-C, hip-hop, tekno, riot grrrl, soul
Who                Punkture SlutsOphelia MC and My Bad Sister.

*** This is an abridged version of a feature in The Girls Are magazine – click to read the full article ***