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Vulpynes: Us Against Them – EP review

Review by Ella Patenall

Us Against Them is the third EP from one of our favourites; the Dublin-based, garage-rock duo, Vulpynes. The four tracks really pack a punch and bring to mind the good old days of dark, sweaty music venues and moshing to cathartic, primitive in-your-face rock & roll. This was meant to be their debut album but cut short by the pandemic, the duo decided to release four tracks as an EP instead, and are we glad they did!

They may have a full-band sound but the band consists of just Molly on guitar and vocals, and Kaz on drums. Over the past two years, they have been building a name for themselves in both their native Ireland and the UK, having supported Marmozets, Stiff Little Fingers, and Sleaford Mods. 

One Horse Mind, the opening track, is a powerful one. It starts with a ringing out of guitar feedback, giving you a clue of what’s to come. You are then hit with a thick wall of sound and Molly’s powerful blunt vocal line “your indifference doesn’t make a difference to me”.

The guitar riffs are simply and fuzzy, and sit perfectly alongside the chunky drums. Molly’s voice is clear, yet gritty, conveying attitude and sincerity. It brings to mind grunge vocalists Courtney Love (Hole), Brody Dalle (Distillers), and Shirley Manson (Garbage). The punchy lyrics mirror the music’s style; full of attitude and not trying too hard to be clever. Some words are a bit obscured as a result of being slurred together, but the song’s big energetic climax with Molly screaming vocals: “fucks with my brain” is a force to be reckoned with.

However, it’s the second track, The Motor is Me that is my favourite track off the EP. It starts with a dark grungy guitar riff before erupting into their signature in-your-face thick, fuzzy sound. The guitars do have a motor-like quality, whether intentional or not, which is fitting given the title. Kaz’s high-energy crashing cymbals on the drums complement the guitar well, ramping up the energy.   

The duo give us some breathing room in the bridge, which takes it down a bit with a marching drumbeat entering and the guitar thinning out slightly. This dynamic variation is important, and is something they could explore more in their music to add further interest.

I imagine they put on a ferociously energetic live gig, and luckily I don’t have to wait long to catch these two as they will be performing at our very own Loud Women Fest in September 2021 and I can’t wait to see them in action.   

Find Vulpynes at www.vulpynes.com Facebook Instagram

Vulpynes: Dye Me Red – EP review

Review by Maryjo Mattea

Vulpynes’ Dye Me Red is not for the faint of heart. For just two people, Vulpynes sure makes a lot of noise and I mean that in the best possible way.

This Irish two-piece’s latest EP features aggressive vocals, insistent drums, and fuzz-drenched guitar. As a member of a grungy guitar-drums duo myself, I am definitely partial to this style, but head bob-ability alone isn’t enough to warrant inclusion on my Spotify playlist. The songs actually have to be good and make no mistake: these songs are fucking GREAT.

The EP starts by kicking you in the face (lovingly, of course) with the uncompromising ‘I Can’t Sit Still’.

Song 2, ‘Bitches are Like Waves’, is much more melodic, but not the slightest bit less intense.

Next up on ‘It Washes Out’ Kaz pounds out a classic four to the floor beat as Molly frenetically and anthemicly screams about how she “won’t settle down” and is “running, but staying in the same place.”

Last, but certainly not least, this four-song masterpiece concludes with ‘The Hunt’, which gives off some serious L7 vibes and features some glorious kick-ass harmonies.

Do you like grunge? Do you like music made by badass women? If the answer to these questions is “yes”, go listen to Dye Me Red right now and thank me later.

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Vulpynes, Militant Girlfriend and Duck at the Birds Nest, 18 Nov 2017

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What a FUN night last night at The Birds Nest night – our new favourite venue in Deptford! Huge thanks to our 3 really different, internationally-brilliant bands that gave us a top evening’s entertainment:

💋 Duck – all the way from Sheffield. Kicked off the evening with a mesmerising performance, setting the tone straight away with an antifascist anthem. MVP award of the evening goes to Ange, who played guitar, stand up drums (including one – left – handed), and micro Korg organ – top multi-skilling, love it!

💋Militant Girlfriend – all the way from SE14. It was ace to finally get these lovelies on a LOUD WOMEN stage as a complete band (if you remember, they played our all-ages show at the Lexington without drums). This new band get better ever time I see them – hope to see lots more of them!

💋Vulpynes – all the way from Dublin! What a treat to get to see this duo over here – their songs are perfect, slick pop punk bangers, these two are really going places. A pair of absolutely delightful musicians, oozing professionalism and positivity – hopefully other promoters are pricking up their ears and getting in touch with this band quicksmart!

We had fun little raffle, raised £35 for Women’s Aid, made some new friends, and had a really lovely time!

Special thanks to the superduper sound tech, Ed (off of out of Ozric Tentacles!), who managed lightning-quick changeovers of very different set-ups like a muthaflippin machine. We started off the night very worried because we’d been double-booked with a birthday party who were bringing their own band … and ended the night thoroughly impressed with the Bird’s Nest as a venue, largely because of Ed. We hope to come back and play there another time soon!


Our next gig is … our Christmas party with Joanne Joanne, GUTTFULLand Hurtling at The Lexington on 21 December!

(As mentioned in The Guardian this week, on their feature on “niche” tribute bands!)


18 November: Vulpynes, Basic Dicks, Militant Girlfriend and Duck

181117_flyerA night of female-led awesomeness at Deptford’s legendary The Bird’s Nest.

Live music from:

Garage punk duo coming all the way from Dublin to see us – honoured! Let’s give them a warm welcome.

“Barmaids, best friends, and a queer as fuck pop punk band from South East London.”

No-fi, no-budget, wonky homemade noisepop from Sheffield.

Hardcore punks from Oxford

Doors 7 pm

FREE entry

All welcome!

LOUD WOMEN is a DIY collective that champions women in music by hosting live events that are fun, friendly, and frickin awesome.

All profits go to the artists, and any additional funds raised go to charities that help women (usually Women’s Aid).

Vulpynes: 10 question interview

Vulpynes are our new favourite Irish punx, and they’re coming all the way over the sea to play for us at The Bird’s Nest on 18 Nov! In preparation, we asked them 10 questions …
1. Who would you most like to cover your songs?
Maeve-Molly : Patti Smith, so I can die happy
Kaz: Anybody covering our songs would be hugely flattering!
2. Choose: Madonna or Beyonce? 
Maeve-Molly: I’m going to say Madonna because she was a huge influence on my childhood. ‘The Immaculate Collection’ was one of the first albums I loved and I still think every track is dynamite.
Kaz: Madonna, because she got where she is by herself, whereas it seems Beyonce did whatever her Father told her to.
3. Choose one of your songs to be on a movie soundtrack. What kind of film is it?
Maeve-Molly: I can see our song ‘OCD’ really suiting an American Psycho remake.

Kaz: Hmm! Maybe our song ‘Can’t Sit Still’ … in some cool thriller or horror movie.


4. Choose: the 80s or the 90s? 

Maeve-Molly: The 90s all the way. Alice in Chains, Hole, L7, The Gits, Babes in Toyland, Nirvana and Soundgarden please!

Kaz: With Maeve on this one, the 90s were hugely influential to me wanting to play music, with pretty much the same bands mentioned!

5. Recommend a record and a book that you think our readers might not have heard of 

9780340733509Maeve-Molly: A book – It’s not exactly an underground classic but I highly recommend Eckhart Tolle‘s ‘The Power of Now’. I’ve read and re-read this book again and again for over 10 years and it always fixes my skewed perspective (i.e makes me feel like less of a psycho)
A record: The Gits ‘Frenching the Bully’. This album is amazing, a devastatingly underrated band who ended under tragic circumstances. Mia Zapata was an incredible lyricist, her story resonates why we should look after our fellow sisters.
Kaz: A book – ‘Feel The Fear And Do It Anyway’ by Susan Jeffers. This book really helped me when I was younger in every way possible,
A record – ‘The Holy Bible’ by Manic Street Preachers. This album saved me on a number of occasions. Lot’s of people have obviously heard it, but more should!!

6. One for the guitarists … bore us with the details of your set up!

Maeve-Molly: I recently got a VOX MV50 AC guitar head that I love, it’s tiny and packs a massive punch. It’s ideal for traveling because it fits in my pedal case and weighs the same as a bag of sugar! Earlier this year I got a Catalinbread SFT pedal that I now don’t think I can ever play a gig without. It really lifts the bottom end which is essential for Vulpynes because we don’t have a bassist and I’m the only guitarist… so gimme that OOMPH.

7. What’s the best thing about being in your band?

Maeve-Molly: It’s extremely therapeutic. No matter how tired I might be from life being shitty, playing and writing music always lifts me.

Kaz: The energy. I feed off it, even in rehearsals, and I feel like I’ve recharged myself 100% after playing.

8. What are your band goals?

Maeve-Molly: Tour the UK and Europe and anywhere else that will have us, stay determined, remain inspired and keep laughing like a nutter throughout this wonderful journey.

Kaz: Play to as many people who will listen to our madness! …and enjoy every second of it!

9. What’s the most important thing we need to know about your band right now?

Maeve- Molly: We are plotting our next release and have some very exciting announcements we’ll be sharing early 2018.

10. Give your top 5 contemporary bands 

Maeve-Molly: Deap Vally – they are 2 beautiful, talented women who are so inspiring. Every song is ridiculously catchy, they simply ROCK! Moonlandingz – We supported them early this year and they blew us away. They were so lovely too, definitely one of the most exciting bands to emerge this year. The Soap Girls – Another band we played with this year, you couldn’t meet two nicer ladies and I was singing their songs to myself for weeks after their gig. Check them out!
Kaz: I’m awful with up-to-date bands, I’m a sucker for playing the same stuff I’ve always loved, and still feel contemporary to me, so with that in mind, I’m just gonna name 5 bands I will always love and always play even when I’m 90 years old: Nine Inch Nails, Manic Street Preachers, Hole, Alice In Chains, Depeche Mode.