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Frankie Tuffragette: 10 question interview

Frankie Tuffragette is coming to play LOUD WOMEN Unplugged on 22 August and we can not wait! We asked Frankie 10 questions …

1. For people who’ve not heard you play live before, what can we expect from you at the LOUD WOMEN gig?

stripped back catchy queer trans punk with LOTS OF FEELINGS

2. Which is your favourite song to play and why? Tell us about it …

I have a song called Takin’ It Back with a lotta revolution-stirring energy, which has rly empowering words and fills me with a lotta strength when I play it

3. Do some super-lazy journalism on our behalf please…

“My sound is like the lovechild of Billy Bragg and Kate Nash, with a bit on the side from Daniel Johnston

4. What’s your proudest musical moment to date?

any time a queer woman or non-binary person comes up to me and tells me that my music felt important to them. I make music firstly for me (how it should be), but my communities are a very close second xxxxx

5. Recommend a record and a book that you think our readers might not have heard of.

Available from BooksForQueers.com

Hmm.. I recently discovered a band called Bully, and I’ve been listening to their LP ‘Feels Like’ a lot! You can find it on Spotify. the song “Milkman” is this year’s summer jam for me. Also Japanese Breakfast’s ‘Psychopomp’ LP is pretty special!!

I bought a book recently that the very excellent Charlie Craggs put together called “To My Trans Sisters”, and it is so fuckin precious. There are soooo many diverse women’s voices in there, and regardless of whether you feel you need support and guidance it’s a beautiful book that will give you power and remind you that yr trans sisters have got you xxx WOMEN OF TRANS EXP REPRESENT!!!

6. One for the guitarists … bore us with the details of your set-up please.

I don’t understand instrumentalists really, I’m a punk hahahha. I just plug the fuck in and play

7. Who inspires you?

righteous anti-oppressive lgbt+ people, trans grrrls, dykes, workers fighting for worker’s rights, Leslie Feinberg, Joan Nestle, The Transexual Menace, The Lesbian Avengers, Jayne County, Tribe 8, G.L.O.S.S., Diet Cig, Neutral Milk Hotel, Daniel Johnston, any amazing songwriter that speaks to me, sad grrrls making sweet music

8. What are your musical goals?

anything from empowering LGBT+ people to help start the revolution, to just feeling happy that I get to play xx

9. What’s the most important thing we need to know about your music right now?

my LP ‘Hi’ is available at frankietuffragette.bandcamp.com , and I hope you like it xxx

10. Pass the mic – who are your top contemporary bands/musicians.

Screaming Toenail: formidable militant POC queer punk force with a great sound and Jacob’s smart biting voice and words xx

Tami T: forever bigging up this babe, making some of the most important and excellent music ever IMO!

Katie MF: played at the “Hi” launch party and blew me away, great gay folk punk spirit xxx

Breakup Haircut: led by Ishani Jasmin, one of the most talented songwriters in our scene. This is Ishani’s new band, catch em before they become the next Moldy Peaches ❤

Come see Frankie on 22 August at the Old Queen’s Head, Islington, performing with MIRI, I am Her, Kimmi Watson, Delila Black and Maya Kelly.

Tuffragettes: 10 question interview

Thrilled to be hosting the mighty Tuffragettes this Saturday at London’s Hope & Anchor – along with Olivia Awbrey, The Plan and The Other Ones! We got to know Frankie Tuffragette a bit better with our 10 question interview …

1.Who would you most like to cover one of your songs?
I’d love Rickie Lee Jones to do a cool acoustic rework of ‘Double’

2. If you could add one member to your band – any person, living or dead, musical or otherwise – who would it be, and what would they play?
I would love love the bassist who played on Paul Simon’s ‘Graceland’ LP

3. What was the last song you wrote, where were you when you came up with the idea, what inspired it, and how did it turn out?
The last song I wrote was for a Frankie Tuffragettes LP coming out on April 20th. It was the title track for the record called “Hi” – i wanted to write a really soaring, honest and vulnerable introduction to my record so I could really connect with who’s listening and introduce what I think is my best ever collection of songs. I was in my bedroom and it turned out beautifully!

4. Which was your favourite gig you’ve a) played and b) watched?
My favourite gig I’ve played was at a night we put on at the end of 2018 called Nightmare Before Cis-mas. All my friends were there, and the rest of the audience was so down-to-earth? We really lifted each other up and I left feeling so calm. My favourite gig I watched may have been Pixies at Field Day 2011. Their energy is unparalleled.

5. Recommend a record that you think our readers might not have heard of.
I would absolutely recommend ‘Teaser & The Firecat” by Cat Stevens. It’s breathtakingly perfect.

6. What’s your best piece of advice for young musicians?
Don’t worry, be happy! Literally learn to not give a fuck about anything except your love of making music and the joy of being on-stage.

7. Your top 3 most beloved albums ever – go.

“In The Airoplane Over The Sea” by Neutral Milk Hotel

“The Queen Is Dead” by The Smiths

“Cupid Deluxe” by Blood Orange OR Weezer’s “Blue” album OR The Drums self-titled album (that last one coulda been sooooo many though)

8. What are your musical goals?
To be a remembered part of the queer punk canon

9. What’s the most important thing we need to know about your band right now?
We want revolution dyke style now!!!!!

10. Give your top 5 contemporary bands/musicians.
Xoey 5.0 – The best songwriter on the London queer music circuit right now
Screaming Toenail – anti-colonial grungy militant queer punx from London
Suggested Friends – virtuoso queer pop rock babes from London
Tami T – ingenious queer trans grrrl altpop from Stockholm
Makthaverskan – perfect sad dreamy pop and post-punk from Gothenburg

Catch Tuffragettes live this Saturday 13 April at the Hope & Anchor!

20 Jan: Peach Club, Tuffragettes, Brosephine and Polynya

Tickets from https://www.wegottickets.com/event/383995

A LOUD WOMEN night of top notch badass woman-led punk/pop/rock/awesome, at the legendary Hope and Anchor, Islington, curated by Parallel Magazine.http://www.theparallelmag.com/

*** PEACH CLUB ***



*** POLYNYA ***

Doors 8 pm

£5 entry

All welcome!

LOUD WOMEN is a DIY collective that champions women in music by hosting live events that are fun, friendly, and frickin awesome.

All profits go to the artists, and any additional funds raised go to charities that help women (usually Women’s Aid).

Join the group LOUD WOMEN for news of more women-led events