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Tiger Lion: Black Sea – video of the day

Tiger Lion’s Black Sea is our video of the day. Tiger Lion are a (mainly) French trio based in North London, fronted by writer and visual artist, Clémentine Blue.

Video director Victoria Fiore explains,
“The core idea of the video came from Tiger Lion’s concepts behind the track; she describes deep, dark waters that can draw you in, but also drown, and while she describes waiting for that loved one – I felt that the loved one was in fact oneself. 

 I loved the idea of Clementine being enveloped and taken over by the waves, but only after sleepwalking out of a disorientating, neon-filled dreamscape. The visual influences of Wong Kar Wai ‘s alien urban environments and shooting at 8 frames per second gave us the license to recreate this other world where we are furthest away from ourselves – a space which gives us no other choice but to find our way back home.”

Find out more at www.facebook.com/eyeoftheTigerLion/