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The LOUD WOMEN Albums of 2017

Drumroll please – it’s time to announce the winners of LOUD WOMEN’s Albums of 2017 poll*! And the winners are …

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The Menstrual Cramps: We’re Not Ovaryacting

Desperate Journalist: Grow Up

Kesha: Rainbow

Downtown Boys: Cost of Living

Nervous Twitch: I Won’t Hide

Diet Cig: Swear I’m Good At This

Brix & the Extricated: Part 2

The Darts: Me.Ow

Pet Crow: A Simple Guide to Small and Medium Pond Life

Bratakus: Target Grrrl

You can check out the winning albums on this Spotify playlist (excluding Nervous Twitch and Bratakus, who are both far too punk for Spotify – find them instead on Bandcamp)

*As voted for by members of LOUD WOMEN’s wonderful reviews and events team, including: Cassie Fox, Kris Smith, Abby Werth, Abigail Brady, Vicki Thompson, Hannah Kessler, Marissa Schlussel, Stacy Norman, Charley Stone, Kitty Fedorec, Sarah Lay, Phil Whaite, Gemma Gompertz, Alex Sarll, Jess McPhee, Tegan Christmas, Richard Archer, Jenny Bunn, Keira Cullinane, Hannah Wright. Thank you all for your time! x

The Darts: Me.Ow

Review by Gilan from Brosephine

The Darts: Me.Ow (LP)
Out now from Bandcamp

Me.Ow ineed!

From start to finish this L.P by the Darts will have you biting your bottom lip and nodding away until your poor little fingers can’t hit repeat  anymore!

The Darts are Garage-Psyche-rock grrls based in Pheonix, Arizona but their sound is based somewhere between an old school Hollywood horror film and a church in Vegas (with added surf elements for good measure).

The LP starts of with ‘The Cats Meow’ which sets the tone of the whole piece perfectly! The heavy distorted and whiney guitar riffs coupled with the surf sounding synth create such a deliciously sinister sound. Then, the vocals kick in. They drip all over the track, like honey but with just enough of a bite to give it edge! The lyrics are unashamed and delivered unapologetically.

dartyThough they definitely have a sound which is unmistakably ‘them’, they still manage to set a different scene with every song.  Tracks like ‘Strange Days’ and ‘Get Messy’ are packed with a punchy beat and loads of energy. Then there are tracks like ‘Slay me’ and ‘You’ll bring me flowers’ that are slower but have strong almost post-rock elements slightly reminiscent of True Widow that just beckon the listener in.

From start to finish this L.P was a psychedelic party for my ears that I didn’t want to end.  The Darts manage to create a sound that is timeless but not dated, with the perfect balance of grit. I want to see the movie this music is the soundtrack too. With no UK tour dates on their page, they are definitely a band to keep an eye out for!

Warning: This LP may corrupt you!

Find The Darts on Facebook and Bandcamp

review: The Darts (LP)

by Richard Archer

The Darts (US) – The Darts (LP)
A compilation of previously released EPs, this self-titled album is the first full-length offering from the US garage rock band The Darts.

‘Running Through Your Lies’ kicks things off with a bass guitar (courtesy of Christina Nunez) that sounds like a motorbike engine, leading a tale of deceit snarled by Nicole Laurenne over a quiet verse and loud chorus dynamics in a way that channels the auditory drama of performers like Etta James with lyrics to match:

  • “crooked words untrue/losing faith in you/Suspicion in your eyes”

The group dynamic is set-up from here and remains constant across the 13 tracks – an unyielding rhythm section bolstered by guitar and a sprightly organ sound that provides the top-end. This doesn’t need to change because there’s enough invention in the songs to keep it interesting – the band do chipper Romantics-style power-pop on ‘Take What I Need’, get slow and brooding on ‘You Got Me’, and go a bit psych on ‘Evil Wayz’ (think Electric Prunes).

It’s a compilation and has to be listened to and enjoyed as such. In the spirit of garage rock there’s a kind of ‘hit-and-run’ quality to this that is very, very pleasing and this will no doubt appeal to fans of London garage-rockers and LOUD WOMEN faves DOLLS.

The Darts’ Bandcamp


new music Feb–Apr

A round up of new releases we’re getting excited about.

New tracks 
Downtown Boys – Somos Chulas
Nia Wyn – Help Me
The Nyx – Hideaway
Skating Polly – Hail Mary
Pearl Harts – Hit the Bottle
Dream Wife – Somebody
Grace Savage – Medusa

Pink Grip – Demo EP
The Whooper-Ups – Sensible Daydreams EP
Yur Mum – Live EP
Blondie – Fun/Monster
IDestroy – Annie/98%
Screaming Toenail – Food Chain  EP
PAMs – Phasers EP
Cat Apostrophe – World is Fucked EP
Sunflower Theives – Hold the Storm EP
Blindness – The Monsoon EP

Cherry Glazerr – Apocalypstik
Desperate Journalist – Grow Up LP
The Darts – The Darts
The Menstrual Cramps – We’re Not Overyacting
The Courtneys – Courtneys II 
Party Fears – Part Fears LP
Hurray for the Riff Raff – Navigator LP
The Kut – Raw – demos CD
Trigger Warning and the Safe SpacesEverything is Problematic! LP
Sneaks – Act Out LP

V/A compilations
Kobayashi I – Intergalactic Warriors
Hang In There – A DIY Covers Compilation

Pending releases

Feature – Banishing Ritual LP Apr 07
The Baby Seals – Lips Are Sealed Apr 07
Long Teeth – Canned Laughter Apr 20
Darling Buds – Evergreen EP April 21
The Nyx – The Nyx EP – April 21
Skating Polly – New Trick EP Apr 28
Wolf Girl – Moody/Get You – May 5
Blondie – Pollinator – May 5
Oh! Gunquit – Lightning Likes Me – LP May 19
Coathangers – Parasite EP – Jun
Lorde – Melodrama 2nd LP – Jun