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Morchella: Woman of Now – new music

Out today from London-via-Ukraine’s Morchella: ‘Woman of Now’ is the title track of her new EP, also out today. She tells us …

“‘Woman of Now’ was inspired by the simple idea that nothing really matters other than the present moment and there can be a lot of beauty in that – if you are able to stop and appreciate your surroundings. This is the mood I tried to capture in the instrumentation / production of the song, particularly the choruses, with the verses taking on a grittier tone. I was lucky to work with a very talented band who really helped bring this to life. The song was written before the pandemic, but I can certainly speak for myself that ‘living in the present’ has been a saving grace in these uncertain times when the future can be too scary to contemplate. Perhaps this is a sentiment that others can also relate to.”

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