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The LOUD WOMEN April playlist

Woman-powered awesome new music from around the world, chosen by us, here for your ears – enjoy!

Fortune – Anna Wiebe
A Sinister Night Out – Alterity
Benazir – Vorkia
We Are Just a Memory – Telling Truths
Forces of Nature – Maryjo Mattea
Opium and Smoke – Nicolette Macleod
Deadbeat – BullMoose
Gone – Lighthouse
Clearly You Do – Schande
I Am the Fire – Baula
Masks We Wear – Beyond Rebellion
Life Boat – Hello Luna

Maryjo Mattea: The Other Side – track of the day

Maryjo_Mattea.180818.01698Washington DC’s Maryjo Mattea has a gorgeously genre-smashing song out, The Other Side – there’s indie, pop, rock in there with a smooth country lilt to her voice, then rapper Cody Valentine grabs the mic in the middle 8 and all bets are off. It’s a fab piece of music – enjoy.


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