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Slut Magic: Interview

Slut Magic: (clockwise from left – Marc, Emma, Hot Boyfriend, Shannon)

Slut Magic are Brooklyn NY’s “angsty, aural make-out session”. They claim their live show is a “known aphrodisiac for people attending with crushes”. LOUD WOMEN is supermegatriple excited that they will be joining us on their home turf for the launch of LOUD WOMEN NYC on Friday Feb 1st at The Well. We had a bit of a chinwag with them in the meantime …

We are SO excited to be bringing LOUD WOMEN to Brooklyn! Is Brooklyn ready for LOUD WOMEN??

Brooklyn very much needs LOUD WOMEN! There are so many amazing woman-, nonbinary-, and trans-fronted groups and artists in Brooklyn that aren’t super easy to find. It’ll be great having an easier way for us to make trouble together.

We fell in slutty love with you when you toured the UK last year – how did that tour go for you? any plans to return?

Awwwwww shucks 🙂 The UK tour was spectacular. We’d played a sort of “test tour” in 2017 in the UK and France to see if there was an appetite for Slut Magic. Turns out the UK was a giant “hell, yes.” France was more of a “heavens, no.”‘ In any case, y’all really know how to make a band feel welcome. People were psyched for the hot-pink vinyl, In My Mouth. Also, I think the people running sound at UK venues are actually passionate about live sound. We sounded AMAZING. Audiences danced and sang along. They were smitten. We were certainly smitten. We certainly will return. No concrete plans yet, though. Either the Deep South or the West Coast is next for us.

What other NYC bands should we all check out?

Tiny Gun, A Deer A Horse, The Regrets, Th3 Shook Ones, The New Tarot, Wsabi Fox, Painted Zeros to name a few… there’s a huge pool of killer bands here.

And about YOU! Tell us about how the songwriting process works in Slut Magic?

It’s VERY collaborative. And easily half of our music comes from dreams. Step One is usually Hot Boyfriend (guitar) waking up at night with a skeleton or lick of some song. This inspires my lyrics—I either use lyrics and ideas (often from dreams) I’ve already got or I lay something new over what he’s doing. An alternate Step One is that during rehearsal Marc (bass) and Shannon (drums) will start a groove and Hot Boyfriend and I will add textures and melodies on the spot. Step Two is subjecting the song to several weeks or months of experimentation and yelling. Step Three usually happens in the shower or while eating dinner alone late at night: some incredible, final idea will hijack one of our brains, and whoever’s brain is hijacked sends a panicked text message about what needs to be added to or removed from the song. It’s not a perfect process, but it’s certainly not boring.

When’s your next release/what’s next for you?

We’re working on a single right now with Polaroid Purple. She’s this massively hypnotic rapper with a really seductive flow. It’ll be ready early spring, and following that another album is in the works!

Find Slut Magic on Facebook and Bandcamp

LOUD WOMEN NYC – launch night Feb 1st at The Well, BK

The LOUD WOMEN of London are coming to Brooklyn!

Feb 1st 2019 sees the launch of LOUD WOMEN NYC at Brooklyn’s The Well – a new live music night celebrating punk rock music powered by women (and gender non-conforming) musicians.

The original LOUD WOMEN chapter began in London, England, in 2015, since which time they’ve put on hundreds of events around the UK, launched an annual festival attracting musicians and music lovers from around the globe, and helped showcase and boost the profile of hundreds of budding punkrockstars. London riot grrrl scenesters Dream Nails describe LOUD WOMEN as “our fairy punk mothers”, and pop legends Bugeye describe “Awesome crowds, amazing bands and one of the most supportive promoters you’re likely to meet”.

Founder of the New York City chapter Cady Siregar hopes to replicate this success here in Brooklyn. The launch gig on Feb 1st will showcase three bands from Brooklyn, and two of London’s finest flying in especially for the show:

From Brooklyn:

Basic Bitches – Garage rock riot grrrl duo

Slut Magic – An angsty, aural make-out session

TBC – LWNYC’s Cady’s own new band

From London:

I, Doris – Mummycore art pop (featuring LOUD WOMEN’s founder, Cassie Fox)

T-Bitch – Trans, queer, Riot Grrrl punk

Event details:

Friday Feb 1st 2019, at The Well, 272 Meserole Street, New York 11206

doors open 8pm, $8 on the door

Event link – https://www.facebook.com/events/2441007912594631/