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Lauren Lakis: Sail Away – video of the day

Today’s video of the day comes from LA-via-Baltimore’s queen of shoegaze Lauren Lakis: ‘Sail Away’ deals with coming to terms with childhood trauma. Lauren explains:

Thematically, Sail Away explores the idea of running away with my inner child, protecting and parenting her. It’s me becoming my own mother, which was something I had to do at a young age. 

As the daughter of my mother, I had to learn how to take care of myself and grow up quickly. She struggled with addiction until I was almost 10 years old; I don’t have many memories of my childhood before that age. I’ve spent some years in Alanon, connecting to my inner child and learning how to “re-parent” her as a way of healing those wounds. The inner child is the part of us that is innocent, vulnerable, playful, full of wonder, freely trusting and loving. It hasn’t always been easy to connect with that side of myself.

I didn’t feel like I had a voice as a kid, and I had no control over what was happening around me. In spite of, or perhaps because of this, I grew into an extremely strong, resilient, capable adult. This song explores my longing for having had an adult like me around, when I was a child…as well as the anger I’ve carried with me for having missed out. I’ve had to accept that no one can go back in time and fix that for me.

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Track of the day: Lauren Lakis ‘Lead us on’

34035964_210603216218187_995221927679229952_nBaltimore’s Lauren Lakis is a woman on a mission:

“to strike out on my own, boldly go where no one in my family has gone, to love harder and more passionately.”

Wanting to discover what it’s like to lead the lives of as many different types of people in the world, Lakis spent nights writing poetry with junkies in abandoned warehouses, taught English in Prague, worked as both a stripper and yoga teacher in Tokyo and helped as a mentor for kids with autism. These challenges, she says, gave her a whole new understanding, opening her eyes and learning empathy and compassion for others.

FEROCIOUS, her first full-length solo album, is a culmination of these past experiences folded with a recent personal tragedy. The album narrates the stages of grief in chronological order, with this, the leading single, ‘Lead Us On’.