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Jaguar Jonze: Murder – video of the day

Today’s video of the day comes from Australia’s Jaguar Jonze, aka Deena Lynch. ‘Murder’ is a seductively slinky pop anthem with the feel of a James Bond theme, accompanied by a stunning video set, she says “in a cyberpunk, anime, futuristic, graphic, almost sci-fi world”.

‘MURDER’ is about when a relationship gets pushed beyond a boundary that should’ve never been crossed and why we ever thought that was a good idea. Wishing that we could go back to where it was before that line was crossed but knowing we’re both guilty of having made that decision to, put grimly, ‘kill’ that relationship.”


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Jaguar Jonze: Beijing Baby – video of the day

Today’s video of the day is an instant ear-worm from Brisbane-via Yokohama’s Jaguar Jonze: ‘Beijing Baby’. Dreamy indie rock with more than a passing hint of Bond theme.

Jaguar Jonze is the musical project of Deena Lynch – also an accomplished visual artist. See also her narrative illustration project Spectator Jonze based on mental health, and her gender-norm-subverting photography project Dusky Jonze. In her own words:

“Everything I do stems from the need for dialogue – Jaguar being an internal dialogue with my subconscious, Spectator being an external dialogue with others on mental health and the mind and Dusky being a dialogue with the body.”

More at jaguarjonze.com