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Girlpool: What Chaos is Imaginary – LP review

Review by Katie McFaul

If you haven’t heard of Girlpool before, then shame on you! For those of you not in the know, Girlpool are a duo from Los Angeles, California who create songs and stories capable of  transporting you to another time in a whirlwind of nostalgia – intrigued? Another great quality this pair have is their ability to grow and evolve on an epic scale with each release. Their debut album ‘When the World was Big‘ tells tales and cheeky memories of growing up, as told by two friends and their instruments. Tucker and Trividad’s sweet harmonies became a major staple of their sound, and the songs were simple but spoke with great volume. Moving onto their second record ‘Powerplant‘, we see them expanding their sound and taking more risks in terms of style and musicality, whilst still retaining that dream like quality.

Now in 2019 we see Girlpool return with a their album ‘What Chaos is Imaginary‘. Here we see the two developing even further, producing three very different songs. Although there are some familiar traits threaded throughout these tracks, there are also some bold differences. Whilst Trividad takes the lead vocals on ‘What Chaos is Imaginary‘, Tucker displays a much lower and gravely vocal on her tracks, ‘Hire‘ and ‘Lucy’s‘ – and it sounds great! Again, they demonstrate their ability to explore a bigger, more well rounded sound without losing the unique, otherworldly charm that they are known for. Each track emits an entirely different vibe and purpose, and it is refreshing to hear that variation.

So for those of you that have been out of the Girlpool loop until this point, maybe you will feel compelled to go out and revel in their spacey, grungey wonder! And for those who have been waiting for the next instalment from these two, I think you will be pleased with what you hear.

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Female Fronted, Drawn Together

Female Fronted Drawn Together-01

Julie Hawk, front woman of Hawk, has created a beautiful multimedia project called ‘Female Fronted, Drawn Together’. This is very much LOUD WOMEN’s cup of tea! A playlist of inspirational female musicians, past and present, with an illustration to accompany each song. Julie has kindly written a piece exclusively for LOUD WOMEN explaining her work on the project.


I don’t know where I’d be without the musical women who have influenced me. I started Female Fronted, Drawn Together as a project that combines music and illustration in a way that celebrates this; that allows me to share their music and give a little back to say thank you.

There wasn’t really a plan at first in terms of what I would base each drawing on. But I think that’s led to a really organic and personal process of pin-pointing where my feelings lie, because each artist has affected my life in a totally different way. Some of these women I admire for their message or for their musical creativity. Some of them have given me unforgettable live experiences. And some of them I associate with significant memories, whether happy or sad – the right place at the right time.

I don’t think believe that anyone hears the same piece of music in the same way. Each connection that an artist makes with a listener is unique and complex. On top of this, female fronted music is so often lumped together as a single genre in a way that doesn’t acknowledge the diverse voices and talent and ideas that each woman brings to the table. I feel like in many ways, girls grow up to feel competitive to one another, but there’s been an amazing and positive backlash against this in music lately. I’m seeing so many girlbands looking out for each other and starting up amazing collectives together. I wanted Female Fronted Drawn Together to be a little contribution to this movement, and a space through which I could thank each of these women and just share a little love.

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Drawn Together 2-01