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Filthy Burger Girl: Slow Dance

Single review by Julie Riley of I am HER

I had to listen to this song just for the band name alone. FLTY BRGR GRL [pronounced ‘Filthy Burger Girl’, if that’s not clear!] are from Oslo and though they are not new to LOUD WOMEN, they are new to me. The song opens with a  simple drum loop and bass riff  plus 3 sparse but sparkly notes all of which make the  kitsch pop vocal stand out. Then we hit the chorus which kicks in with a lush shimmer that immerses you as the catchy lyric “That girl got me wondering if I could be” hooks us.

This track is sugar sweet like cherry lip gloss with a naivety that reminds me of the DIY bedroom sound of the Marine Girls (for anyone old enough to remember them) and that is a good thing. If you are going to virtually  Slow Dance with anyone this lockdown make yourself a date with FLTY BRGR GRL.

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FLTY BRGR GRL: Be My Boy – track of the day

Today’s track of the day is some perfectly charming lo-fi indie-pop in the form of ‘Be My Boy’ from Norway’s Flty Brgr Grl (that’s Filthy Burger Girl to you matey).

Beatrix and Sarah met on a summer camp where they bonded over stories about unrequited love:

“I love the awkwardness and how stalkerish one might get when crushing really hard on someone. We didn’t plan it, but somehow our songs always end up being about these borderline emotions”, says Beatrix.

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