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review: Dizzyfruit (s/t)

by Richard Archer

yfruit is a project of Satori Kurosawa, the bass player for London ear-bleeders Flemmings. In this self-titled album she plays guitar and sings across 7 tracks that flirt between Crypt Records-styled rock n’ roll and late 1970’s punk. Backed by members of The Mule Team, this set is as quick as lightning and devastatingly direct in it’s execution. But simple is often the most difficult thing to nail and songs like ‘Unico’ bounce along for a good minute and a half without it ever really mattering that you’ve been listening to just the one chord.

The track titles often give clue as to the kinetic effect of the songs themselves. ‘Rollrecoaster’ is just that, full of leaps and falls, ‘Shake It’ makes with an instant lip-curl and ‘Flying Supercar’ is a no-brakes adrenaline rush of fantastical pop melody.  The great band performances show a genuine understanding of the genres they are drawing from and their easy grooves make this excellent fun to drink, dance and sing along to.

Overall, it’s a tantalising listen – at end of the last song you’re cued up for another and that’s the way it ought to be. Topped off with great cover art by Satori, this is one of the best records you’ll hear this year.dizzyfruit