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Armada Of Secrets: ‘Black Dulwich’ – video of the day

London duo Armada Of Secrets have returned after a of a few years, with a re-release of their six-track EP ‘Kiss and Tell’. Check out their social media, where you can follow clues to find the tracks ‘hidden’ online!
Bassist Carl says:
Apart from a fun way to find our new tracks, (not to mention up until this point, it will be only on radio if you don’t find it) it is also buying us some time, as our singer Caroline has just given birth to a beautiful baby boy – this hasn’t slowed her down (much), and we enter the studio in a few weeks to record another set of live covers (which we are also currently releasing). Being the first child in the band, we were’t sure how everything was going to pan out – but her strength and determination has been so inspiring to all of us.
Instagram: @ArmadaOfSecrets